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Choosing A Revocable Trust In California

Two primary methods of disposing of one’s estate are by a will or by a revocable living trust.  Many people today choose the revocable living trust.  There are several advantages to having a trust.  One is that a trust avoids the time and expense of a court supervised probate proceeding.  Many people find this […]

Selecting a Trustee

If you elect to use a trust for your estate planning you will need to select a trustee.  Many clients serve as trustee of their trust, at least initially.  However, it is important for you to select a successor trustee to serve when you are no longer willing or able to serve as trustee.  […]

Administering a Trust

Many people agree to administer a trust without having the slightest idea of what it entails.  Most believe it to be a simple matter of distributing the trust assets, but it involves much more.  A trustee assumes a fiduciary relationship with the beneficiaries of a trust and, as discussed under the article “A Trustee’s […]

A Trustee’s Fiduciary Responsibility

Many people feel honored to be asked to serve as a trustee of a trust without realizing the responsibility it entails.  A trustee has a legal relationship with the beneficiaries of a trust.  This legal relationship imposes many duties and obligations on the trustee.

Among these duties are the duty:

to act with a high standard […]

Trust and Estate Litigation

Unfortunately, disputes involving wills and trusts cannot always be settled without some form of intervention.  This is because emotions run high.  The matters often involve disputes among family members.  Sometimes, one member of the family believes that another family member has been wrongfully favored, or one family member has abused the trust placed in […]

The Problem with Conservatorships

While our office represents both individuals and private professional fiduciaries who serve as conservators, we would rather work to help prevent the necessity of a conservatorship, if that is feasible.  A conservatorship is a proceeding in the court system where the court appoints someone to be responsible for the care of another person’s living […]

Real Property Matters

Our office, in Marin County, California, represents clients regarding many aspects of real property. These matters involve both commercial and residential properties. Our clients range from real estate brokers and agents, to individuals and privately held businesses.

The work we do with real property includes both transactional work, negotiation, and litigation where there are disputes. Transactional work […]

Business Representation

Our firm represents established businesses and clients in the business formation stage.  We advise our business clients in the day-to-day legal issues that arise in the operation of their businesses and in their disputes if the need should occur.  We have ongoing clients in varied areas of business including food production, insurance, restaurant, business […]