Unfortunately, disputes involving wills and trusts cannot always be settled without some form of intervention.  This is because emotions run high.  The matters often involve disputes among family members.  Sometimes, one member of the family believes that another family member has been wrongfully favored, or one family member has abused the trust placed in that person by other family members.  Another common dispute occurs when the family believes that a trustee, whether a family member or not, is not performing its duties under the terms of the trust or is abusing its power as trustee.  Disputes often arise when blended families are involved and the beneficiaries are children of different parents.

Occasionally, people who make wills or trusts to dispose of their property are not forthright during their lifetime with their beneficiaries, creating unmet expectations regarding what one’s inheritance will be.  As a general rule, people may leave their estate as they wish.  They do not have to leave their estate to their children or other close relatives.  Some people however, particularly the elderly and infirm, are susceptible to being unduly influenced to leave their estate to someone who is not the true object of their affections.

We have represented clients in numerous matters involving all aspects of trust and estate disputes.  There is a cliché among sportscasters that ‘everyday when you come to the game, you may see something you have never seen before.’  That cliché holds true in trust and estate disputes.  Because of the family associations, the actions of the decedent during his or her lifetime, or changed circumstances not contemplated, each dispute is unique.  We strive to recognize that uniqueness, to deal with our clients in an understanding manner, and to use every effort we can to obtain the best possible result for them.